I am excited about completing the I-66 Bonding Education Program sponsored by FAM Construction.  The Bonding Education Program’s mission is to increase small businesses’ economic competitiveness to maximize opportunities by becoming surety bonded and compete for transportation-related contracts through education and resources to understand risk management, safety, workforce development and company capabilities.  The program was led by Kaye Gantt and a superb team from the South Atlantic Region Small Business Training Resource Center (SBTRC), the VA Department of Small Business and Supplier Diverity (DSBSD), Centennial Surety, FAM Construction and others.  They touched on everything from bonding to finances, safety, estimating, SwaM/DBE Certifications, contract law and networking.  If you are a small business that is already SWAM/DBE certified or interested in getting SWaM/DBE certified, I highly recommend getting a hold of these folks and attending a BEP near you. https://www.transportation.gov/osdbu/southatlantic-region-sbtrc.