Website Launch!

The team at Hamma Down Enterprises is delighted to announce its new website. We’d like to invite our current valued customers, as well as, new visitors to explore our newly launched site. We know how busy you are, but if you have a minute, have a browse and see what...

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Bonding Education Program

I am excited about completing the I-66 Bonding Education Program sponsored by FAM Construction.  The Bonding Education Program’s mission is to increase small businesses’ economic competitiveness to maximize opportunities by becoming surety bonded and compete for...

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Bushhogging Very Overgrown Lot

Last week, I cut this small lot in Fredericksburg. The undergrowth was so thick that once I got back in there, I lost all awareness of how close I was to civilization. A couple of times, I thought I was in the beginning of a Stephen King Novel. I kept waiting for a...

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